We just went through a very painful experience. A user sent a huge AVI file to all staff on a PO. A few people have BlackBerry's which download their email via POP3. The GWIA is on a server at the other end of a T1 line. Get the picture? The T1 line got clogged for a day and a half while I tried to track it all down. Internet performance was REALLY bad, etc.

I just spent some time trying to figure out if we can put an attachment size limit somewhere along the way. In short, I could not find a way to do this. Ideas?

This is what I found out:
1. The BBs themselves do not appear to have a way to do this for POP3 accounts (and the users refuse to pay the extra money on their personal phone plan to upgrade to an enterprise level plan so they can use BES).
2. I can't find a way in C1 via the GWIA object to limit attachment downloads to POP3 clients. I see there is a way to limit SMTP size, but I am guessing that this will not impact POP3.
3. I can't find a way in C1 to limit the size of files users can attach to an email via the GW client.

Again, ideas?

Rick P
Walla Walla Public Schools