We have an on-going issue with clntrust. Randomly workstations stop
authenticating via clntrust and once they have the problem it stays with
that workstation. We have been forced to re-image problem workstations to
resolve the issue. On a problem workstation you will see no requests
clocking up on the stats for clntrust. This problem affects a range of
makes of computer across multiple buildings and differing network
switches. We are running BorderManager 3.8 sp3 and Netware 6 we are fully
up-to-date with the minimum recommended patch list. The server has a
Read/Write replica of the partition the server object resides on.

I have gone back through this forum (until December 2004) looking for
related issues and I have tried all the recommendations, such as using an
old version of clntrust. One thing we have observed is that if we
release/renew ip address that has no affect on the issue, but if we move
the computer to another subnet, when it picks up a new ip address that
resolves the problem.

Any input would be very welcome as this issue has been going on for
several months now (and pre-dates BM38SP3).


James Gosling
MCNE Netware 6