bm3.8spk3 on nw6.5spk2.

everything was working fine until last week, when I noticed that one of the
transparent proxies was forwarding to the wrong address. (got the nw6.5
welcome screen, when the transparent proxy was set to forward to an internal
nw6.0 server).

let me re-iterate that this was all working correctly. I have several
transparent proxies configured, everything was just fine. proxying port 80,
51443, and 631. iprint, netstorage, webaccess, and ifolder running on this
internal nw6.0 box, all accessible from the internet.

now, everything works except port 80. 51443 and presumably 631 are still
working ok. can login to netstorage. but attempts to connect to the
secondary ip address with a browser still show the nw6.5 welcome screen.

I deleted and re-created the proxy from nwadmin, as well as the access numerous dsrepairs, etc. no change.

It was suggested in the packet filtering forum (we were on another subject,
maybe related, maybe not) that I apply spk3 to bm. which I have now done.
after re-creating the generic proxy again, I now get "bind error 48" on the
proxy console screen. From reading through some other threads on that
error, it seems that something (apache?) has absconded w/
secondaryipaddress:80. but I don't know how or why this happened.

I'm not sure what I'm seeing in tcpcon, but there are only a few entries for
the secondary ip address. some connections on port 80 to remote hosts. one
of them is my test pc, outside the lan, on a "live" ip address; the others,
I think, are my home pc, and another pc out on the internet w/ ifolder
installed. can't clear any of them.

what to do??