This is probably more a borderline rant then a question, but does anyone
know if there is a good reason why Zen is using something as volatile as the
windows GUID for computer identification opposed to something that is unique
for every computer in the world (unless manually altered) like a MAC address
? Probably 95% of every mainboard made of both desktop and server these days
have an onboard NIC.

We've been doing tests on ZCM10 for a while now to get everything set up for
deployment, I've been using the same 3 computers from the start but right
now i'm down 13 licenses as the GUID changes after imaging and it ticks a
new one each time.
It's not that this is limited to just Zenworks, things like microsoft wsus
and most enterprise AV suites also use this, in my opinion, rather short
sighted way of ID-ing a computer.