The gw 8.0 poa linux agent has has some issues with too many files being opened,
tid 3029649 describes this issue and its solution (upgrade to hp1)
Yesterday we upgraded to 8.02. The problem seems to have returned...

A client session ending will result in a tcp close_wait.

# lsof | fgrep -i 1034u
gwpoa 7827 root 1034u IPv4 451510 TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)

A couple of minutes later this should disappear as the tcp session is no longer active. Instead this is the (permanent) result:

# lsof | fgrep -i 1034u
gwpoa 7827 root 1034u sock 0,5 451510 can't identify protocol

The amount of open files will keep increasing until ulimit is reached.

# lsof | grep -i identify | wc -l
1530 (result after 1 day online)

Anyone expercience the same?