I will have 2 questions regarding DNS.
I am running 3 DNS servers (1 master, 2 slaves) in a Linux Oes2Sp2 environment.
These 3 servers are clustered, but DNS services are not.

1/ I use a "standard" DNS and I would like to move it Dynamic.
Is it possible and easy to perform ?
My DNS servers hold currently 41 DNs zones and are very important (5000+ users) so I would appreciate to do it
an easy and fast way...

2/ I noticed something in DNS management :
Prior to use Linux Oes2Sp2 I was running DNS services under Netware and managing it with Novell DNS/DHCP Console.
Currently I still use Novell DNS/DHCP Console (last version).
When I was running under Netware server if I delete an "A" record, corresponding reverse record was automaticaly deleted with the "A" record.
Now I am running under Linux Oes2Sp2 if I do the same I have to delete the "A" record AND then delete the reverse record.
I am sure that you understand it could be sometimes complicated with 41 reverse zones ;)
Is it normal ?
Is there a way to perform this operation more easily ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.