Domain/PO: GW 8.0.1
Server OS: Domain - NW 6.5 SP8, PO - NW 6.5 SP7
Clients(2): 7.0.2 HP, Build number 562 and 8.0.2 Build number 90840

The clients share similar VP calendars, but it doesn't matter which VP calendars are used here.

1. Open a Multi-User calendar and note that there are appointments for each of the users. We chose three - one is the user doing the printing and two proxies.
2. File...Print Calendar (or however you'd like to get to this dialog box)
3. Select Multi-user Format...Setup button...choose the calendars you'd like to print. Ensure Proxies per page equals the value you desire. We selected 3 since there were three calendars to be printed....OK button. Choose Multi-User Day Calendar and leave the other settings at the defaults.
4. Preview button. Note that the only calendar of the person doing the printing shows any appointments (in other words the person who is signed into GroupWise). The two proxied calendars are clear. Same results when sent to the printer.

Two questions...

A. It's my opinion that the Calendar side of GroupWise needs a full, from-the-ground-up rewrite. Calendar printing and display have plagued an otherwise fine product for years. It's time to fix it. When might this happen?

B. Already followed the steps in GroupWise 8 Documentation - 4.11.3 Printing the Calendars of Multiple Users and TID 10072530. Anyone have other ideas?

Thank you.