[I tried posting this earlier but don't think it made it, I don't see it anywhere, my apologies if this gets posted twice.]

I have an issue with my Groupwise Archive. Seems rather convoluted but I'll give as much info as I can supply.

I'm using:
Groupwise Program Release: 8.0.1 1/8/2010
Build Number 89145

In the past, I have used Groupwise on a deskdop PC at work for years, and I archive my mail monthly due to the fact that my employer automatically deletes messages from Groupwise after X amount of days. This system has worked fine for me for years. My archive is/was located on my desktop PC C:\ hard drive.

Recently, I received a new work laptop and during the transition from the Desktop PC to the laptop, I'm using both, until I'm sure everything is working correctly on the laptop. I have Groupwise (Groupwise Client? as I think it's been called) installed on BOTH the laptop and the desktop PC. Both are on the same network, plugged into a network switch in my cubicle.

I've backed up my archive numerous times over the years. I've never had a problem with changing archives, although I really have no need to do it, I would just point the archive directory to the backup and bingo, it would work as expected. (using the Tools-->Options-->Environment-->File Location-->Archive Directory: menu options).

When the laptop got set up, my archive was copied from the desktop PC C:\ drive to the new laptop PC C:\ drive. It worked. I think the problem began with using Groupwise on BOTH the old desktop PC and the new laptop. Perhaps I tried to archive on the Desktop PC by mistake one time, I'm not sure. But at some point, the archive on my laptop stopped working. I see nothing when viewing my archive in Groupwise.

The strange thing is that I can find the archive files in file explorer, and it's there. It's large too, nearly 2GB, but I don't think size has anything to do with the problem. Funny enough, I have backed up archives that can point to via Groupwise and they'll still open like normal. Unfortunately, the latest message in the one that works is from 5/2009. I do the same with what I know is my latest archive, the largest one, and.... nothing. It just looks like it's empty once I enter the archive path in Groupwise.

When my archive initially "disappeared", I called tech support and they tried a few things, and may in fact have caused more issues, not sure. I remember a few times there was a choice to "combine archives" or something like that, and I don't know if this could have messed up my archive or what.

I compared the files in both the working and non-working archive, and see that all of what look to be "standard" folders and files are in both:

FOLDERS: gwdms, index
FILES: msg.db, ngwguard.db, ngwguard.dc

EXCEPT FOR: user.db, which only exists in the WORKING ARCHIVE! So perhaps this is a key to my problem. I don't know enough as to if I can just copy the user.db from the working directory to the non-working directory, etc.

Please be aware that I know nothing about the details of these files, their purpose, or what they do.

The archive that works = 1.57 GB
The archive that doesn't work = 1.86 GB

I realize this is a rather scattered description and don't blame you if it is confusing, because I myself am confused.

If anyone could offer any tips, suggestions, ideas, basic Groupwise archive information (as to what all of the standard files/folders are, etc.), that would be great. Any assistance at all would be appreciated. I'd really like to recover this year+ of messages from my archive, especially when I can see them sitting right there in my directory, and just can't get Groupwise to recognize them.

Thank you very much in advance,