I've got WebAccess v8.0.1 running and when I create a new user they can log into WebAccess without any problems. Current or older users (before WebAcc was setup) cannot log into WebAcc? They get the message, "Mailbox unavailable". I know GroupWise quiet well, I've performed the appropriate GWCHECKS on the Post Office and the individual users (repair and structual) and it has not been successful... I have tried removing the password, then resetting it, etc... No Luck.... I have adjusted the security of the Post Office from Low to High and on the High setting w/ & w/o eDir & LDAP... Unsuccessful....

eDir is healthy. I also know it. All the servers are in Sync, as is the time. We have our primary MTA syncing with eDir.

Something is telling me that I've got a DB problem (Hmmm... I wonder what that could be?). The GWCHECKS are not reporting anything signifigant... Any ideas? The wphost.db? Wpdomain.db? Maybe the NGWGUARD.DB? I've performed the standard DB checks w/o any errors. Including rebuilds where it made sense.

FYI - we have GW801hp2 running on OES2. WebAccess Application & Agent are running on the same machine. The machine is pyschical.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....