got the proxy.pac working on the lan, using the simple example on Craig's
tip site. However, I'd like to also add the functional equivalent of the
checkbox in IE to "bypass proxy for local addresses". can't figure out how
to do that.

now wondering, too, if my internal dns server should be listed in
bordermanager's dns config. not sure if that's a good idea, as I have
webservers on the inside of the lan that resolve differently than they do on
the outside of the lan. (using nat/transparent proxy on BM to access
internal servers from the internet; but they're accessed from the inTRAnet,
too, so our internal dns server resolves them to their 192.168.x.x

anyway, with my browser set to use that simple proxy.pac, I can't hit my
internal webservers, unless I type in http://192.168.x.x/.... returns a "502 bad gateway" from