I'm having an odd issue where when I create a recurring event in Groupwise 8 client, it appears to create them normally, but when I try to adjust them in any way, it only adjusts the event I'm currently working with.

For example, if I were to create a meeting that happens for the next 5 Fridays and need to move it to Thursday, when I select the meeting and drag it to Thursday, only that exact instance of the meeting moves. I receive no dialog box asking me if I want to move one or all meetings.

Something similar happens when I go to delete them, but in this instance, I do get the dialog box asking if I want to delete the one instance or all. If I select all, it still only deletes the one instance.

Anybody run across this or have any thoughts on what to check?

The Groupwise 8 server is currently running on a Netware 6.5 server with the latest service patch. The workstation is Windows XP sp 3.

The users we have are using blackberry connect to sync their phones to their calendars, and we're also using an e-mail archiver.

Thanks in advance,