Hi all,
perhaps its my English.
But I'm not really getting it with bundle schedules or bundles,
I got 3 different bundles whit install actions assigned to them
Bundle 1: install a msi (got requirements)
bundle 2: does some registry editing
bundle 3: does update a file, that will be updated from time to time
I stuff it together in one bundle that is assigned to a user group, sets the Distribution Schedule to device refresh/Install Immediately after Distribution
and of goes. It install fine
But now to my issue, I got a error in bundle 2 (registy edit). I updated the bundle, increased the version (and increased the master bundle as well). I then refreshed a device, and nothing. The agent noticed that the version was increments but didn't update the workstation. I tried to restart, refresh and nothing. If I do a verify it will update but not otherwise.
so to my questions
Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong/don't understand?
Is a device refreshed when booting/logging in to zenworks? or only when refreshed
I's there a best practice if you want to install things when users log in to the network/cm10?
My version is 10.3.1

Best regards