I have a group policy that used to work, but now has decided it does not want to be applied to the workstations anymore. I don't know what may have happened to make is stop working.

It's a pretty restrictive policy for students. I have the exact same policy for two other groups of students that still work. All three policies were copied from the same set of files. In other words, I make a change to one, then copy the files to the other two because they reside on different servers. Yes, I do open each one in C1 to update the timestamp.

When I run wmsched, the policy is there in the list, but the settings are not applied. I can log in to the PC with one of the other student accounts and their policy is applied.

The login I'm using to test with has R rights to the policy location - the same rights that the other users have to their policies. I have also tried more rights with no different results.

The DLU part of the policy runs, and I have turned off the windows firewall. I have also created a brand new policy from scratch to rule out any corruption in the old policy and I get the same results.

Apparantly, my workstation policy for this group is not being applied either. The other two groups' policies apply like they are supposed to. So this means that neither policy assigned to this group of students/workstations is working.

Any ideas?