In the meantime I have setup a very simple fileserver just running NCP
and CIFS under OES2SP2. Whereas the ncp performance is quite good the
CIFS file open and close performance is rather mediocre. As I was using
Samba before for the same data it seems there is no big performance
gain going from Samba to CIFS.

The only nice thing is that it does work without problems with WIN7
whereas CIFS on Netware does not. But the CIFS performance on Netware
to XP is noticeable better than now on OES2SP2 Linux. Netware CIFS is
on par with NCP if not even a little bit faster. But seek times almost
double from NCP to CIFS on OES2SP2.

I tried native Windows, too using an simple 3 years old everday PC and
put the data on the local HD sharing it via WinXP. Here the performance
is comparable to NCP, but noticeable better than CIFS or SAMBA.

BTW this was no scientific reasearch, but simple testing the search
times using always the same application on the same data. As the best
search times are between 4 to 15 seconds, you can rather easily discern
those to 9 to 40 seconds etc.

Just FYI.

W. Prindl