Hello, we have a Groupwise 7 backend system which consists of the main Groupwise Server then we have another server that runs the MTA, GWIA and Web Access. I have imap configured on the GWIA with the correct port of 143 and it seems all of our users (4) using their carrier's BIS service connector get intermittent results when getting mail to their phone. One day, they may get a few emails (seems consistent across all users with different carriers) then not get anymore until a few days later and a 20-30 will dump on the device at once. Is there any fine tuning or logs I can look at for these outgoing imap connections? All users can send no issues at all, just getting a consistent flow of incoming messages from our groupwise server would be nice.
A little more info. we do have a nat rule in the firewall to pass any traffic hitting our imap dns addres to go straight to our groupwise system and do have a rule defined for port 143 traffic.

Thanks in advance for any advice