I have a successfully running Data Synchronizer system with only one small little hiccup. So far we have approximately 8 or 9 users with iPhones that as far as I can tell are having absolutely no problems whatsoever. The issue we're having is with my and one coworker's HTC Hero (2 of the same phones) running Android 2.2. Both phones connect and sync mail, contacts, and calendar, but about every third sync it shows an "Unauthorized user, please verify user" error. I have a self-signed certficate created and installed in /var/lib/datasync/devices as instructed. What do I need to do to get these phones to quit displaying the error? None of the iPhones are having this issue. I will admit, however, that certificates are not my forte. For whatever reason I've always been a little leary of dealing with them. So if I've done something wrong setting that up please point it out.