I am using BorderManager 3.8 SP3 on NetWare 6.5 SP2. Proxy only. NOT
Transparent. Craig's tuning.ncf and proxy.cfg in use.

When I go to msn.com and other sites, the home page will not appear until
after I hit the refresh button.

When I go to www.sprolinux.com. The homepage shows, but clicking a link will
not load a new page until. A. the refresh button is hit or B. the link is
clicked a second time.

If I go to NetMail, the page loads but the compose button, the folder icon,
the add/delete/rename folder icons do not load. All other graphics load.

www.classicturning.com will not show any pictures until after the refresh
button is pressed.

Removing proxy settings from IE / FireFox yields normal operation.

Any insight, comments, suggestions?

Daniel Griswold, CNE
Director of Technology
SProLinux, Inc.