Hi There,

we have 3 primary servers, SLES 10, ZCM 10.3.0.
About 3-4 months ago (just a few weeks after the 10.3 upgrade) we found out one of the servers is acting wierd. It doesn't always refresh (full). Problem is applications do not always sync between the primary servers.

Even if I 'ref' by hand, clear cache, bypasscache or reboot services it won't full refresh. Only a reboot causes a full refresh.

Just found out that JAVA ZENLoader is going for 95-100% CPU. Restarting services does not kill the process. I had to manually kill -9 the process and startup it up again to refresh the server. After which it will continue using 95-100% CPU...

Can't find a thing in the logs, only see some strange "[DEBUG] [9/13/10 12:18:20 PM] [] [SyncBOE] [] [folder sync loader module is not loaded as this is not a reporting server] [] []" in the loader-messages.log

Any idea what to check?