We use loginw32 to show the Novell login box for a custom login while retaining the same windows logon. However, using loginw32 doesn't populate the iPrint username or password with Windows 7 and Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7, so the user is asked to authenticate again to print, which we want to avoid. If I right click on the red N icon in the system tray and choose Novell Login then it does populate this info. I've tried running Procmon and when running the logon from the tray the loginw32 process never starts, just nwtray. It's tricky trying to script the right click on the icon and I'd much prefer to start it from the command line. How can I launch the tray logon from the command line? Or how can I get loginw32 to populate the iPrint info (I check this under the password tab in iPrint settings). Sorry if this should be in the iPrint forum instead.