I have been having issues with one of my larger bundle replicating to several of my slower links. This bundle is right at 3 GB in size and it seems like no matter what I do it will not replicate to these same 8 satelites.

I have demoted them and deleted the content and and rescheduled the replication. They will replicate all of my other bundle but choke on the one that is 3 GB. I have increase the duration of the replication out to 8 hours and have also launched a manual replication on these machines with no positive results.

In ZCC if you go to the bundle that is hanging it shows as "IN PROGRESS" on these machines and 0% of the total size copied.

Anyone have any ideas? I have thought about manually copying the content from my main server along with database file from one of my machines that successfully replicated but I have my doubts if this will work. Has anyone had any success manually copying the content to a problem satelite?

Thanks in advance!!