I have a bunch of Canon imageRunner copiers (both advanced and non-advanced) that I am trying to setup to allow scanning to a SMB/CIF share.

Here is my environment:
Canon irC5035-ADV
2-node OES 2 sp2a linux cluster
novell-cifs configured with version novell-cifs-1.1.0-0.15.9
Filesystems are NSS sitting on a EMC Celerra NS-20 connected via iSCSI

I have created a generic user that the copier uses to drop scanned documents in a public folder. I can log in from a linux box using smb://username@servername/sharename without issue. Canon does not provide an easy way to configure the client (as far as I can tell) but I did set the SMB server to just do NTLMv1.

When I look at the traces it looks like the client is failing on nbstat (tcp 137) lookups. Canon does provide a basic SMB browser utility and I can find the server but it won't list the shares. I have tried using the following for server name: fqdn of clustered resource, fqdn of actual node, ip of clustered resource, ip of actual node, and the netbios name.

Nothing is logged to /var/opt/cifs/cifs.log and based on what I described above it does not even appear to make an attempt to authenticate.

Anyone have any luck getting a Canon copier to work saving files to a novell-cifs server? Thankfully ftp is an option, but I have not yet got that working (this one I think is a user error).

Thanks in advance for your help,