HI there...

I've been studying for weeks and am just flat out of things to try. We are making a slow migration to macs and a bank of xserves, but I'm still trying to get some macs to connect.

When I log on using "connect to server" (afp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) I immediately get an authentication login screen, and I log in using known good credentials, after a few seconds of trying to login, I get a "You entered an invalid username or passowrd"

I was convinced that this was a plain text thing, but I've edited both machines I am trying (one is 10.6, one is 10.5) and both do the exact same thing.

We did the snow leopard upgrade on novell side, still nothing.

We haven't done much to the novell server over the years, and I'm wondering if there is something that I need to do on that end. Is there another patch?

I can't even get to the pw prompt when I try SMB, so I'm a bit frustrated. Any ideas?

Thanks a million!