NW6.5 SP2, BM3.8 SP2

When I open by web browser the page which show me a list of files on a
server directly to the Internet, everything is all right - I see the files
with correct dates. It means the files on showed list have the same dates as
they have in fact on the server's filesystem. But when I open the page by
proxy often I see a list of files with old dates. This time files showed on
the list have old dates - I see files which were on the server before last
update. Only after browser refreshing all dates of files are showed
correctly. Next if I close and open browser again and go to the page, I see
list of files with old dates again. And browser refreshing helps again

It looks like BM proxy give me an old cachable pages on first open specified
page and next after client browser refreshing request he give correct
contents. After some time (many hours) BM proxy possible purge an old proxy
data and it give to the client browser correct list of files at all. Than I
see right files dates on first visit on the page. It's not normal.

I try to set Pattern Stop List and Non-Cachable Patterns to the affected
page but it not helped.

My BM have 3 cache volumes per 8GB. The affected page is serve by apache on
linux server.

Thanks for any creative suggestions.