I still have problems with my FTP proxy on a NW5.1SP5 server.
Its BM3.7 SP0.

Anonymus FTP seems to work but FTP to a user/passw site does not. I tested
the connection directly to the internet and this works. So the user/passw
are correct.

I did the BM3.7 FTP Proxy setup like this screenshot:

I tested it with the @ separator and the $. Same error.

I tested from ws_ftp and DOS (WinXP commandline FTP):
See how there are 2 prompts for the password (331) but the second always
asks 'Account' with a password field.
The last test in this screen shot, i enabeld User Auth (clear text). I got
the same error.
An other screenshot with the error:

I tested with my NDS user and passw in all fields and FTP user and passw.
(So i switched them around all the prompted fields)

I looked at the NWadmin help about this and it gives my the syntax should
be like the last test in this screenshot:
But i still get the error.

I got the full CONFIG from the NetWare server here:


Jan Wiersma
the Netherlands.