still having "weirdness" with automatic proxy configuration.

I have both methods set up. DNS, as well as DHCP

it works on some workstations...not on others. the only thing I can see
that is different between the working and non-working workstations is that
the non-working ones have xp service pack 2.

all the machines I've tried that are still at spk1 work fine.

on BOTH sets, I can ping wpad, and get the correct response. On the spk2
machines, I can point the browser to http://wpad/wpad.dat, and I'm prompted
to download the file. on spk1 machines, it just opens it as a text file in
the browser. but it works (?).

on dhcp, I have the option 252 set as a string value, pointing to both spk1 and 2 browsers will
resolve the address, and display the proxy.pac file as text.

I even copied proxy.pac to proxy.pac,, wpad.dat are all
in the same directory on the same web server.

any thoughts?