i am trying to get a users appointments by using a cursor.
The soap docs say, if i leave the container element empty, all folders will be searched.

If i omit the container completely, i get an error "Container String is missing".
Same thing if i just set an empty string for container....

Why would the documentation say that one can omit the container when GW then moans about it ?

createCursorRequest createCursorReq = new createCursorRequest();
createCursorResponse createCursorResp = new createCursorResponse();

createCursorReq.container = "";

FilterEntry fe = new FilterEntry();
fe.op = FilterOp.eq;
fe.field = "@type";
fe.value = "Appointment";
createCursorReq.filter = new Filter();
createCursorReq.filter.element = fe;

createCursorResp = gwbTestB1.createCursorRequest(createCursorReq);

Thanks for Help!