The majority of our PCs have 10.1.3 agent on. Our server is now 10.2. A number of our PCs were built pre-ZCM and had the 10.1.3 agent pushed out.

Following this they were all imaged via ZCM (image included 10.1.3 agent).

We've a large number since built directly from image.

When we use ZCM to push out the agent from the system update tab to individual pcs something troubling happens.

The PC (when it reboots having successfully received the 10.2 agent) reverts back to its pre-imaged name (presumably reading this from somewhere). So, for example

1. PC123 has 10.1.3 agent installed
2. PC123 is imaged and as part of image is sysprepped, renamed as czc0101010a and added to the domain.
3. czc0101010a has 10.2 agent installed.
4. czc0101010a reboots and name has changed to PC123 (and so is no longer in the domain)

Net result: Chaos!

The imaging at point 2 follows the recommended approach gleaned from these forums and works a charm BTW.

Obviously, I want all our PCs to be 10.2 agent and I don't want to have to manually uninstall the agent, wipe the ISD and then reinstall?

All advice will be incredibly welcome as this is going to cause a big headache.

Many thanks in advance
Chris Doyle
aka selyod
IT Systems Manager