We use Zenworks to install software and use the Zenworks folders to display the program shortcut icon. After installed, it will launch (Run options tab > Application > Path to file) and the program will start. I'm having an issue for the last couple weeks that some users are seeing:

Could not get needed resources for application [application name] to be launched (id=number).
Problem: Invalid drive path [specified drive path]
The same NAL app is working fine for other users. I have confirmed on the faulty pc that the program will run manually and through a Windows shortcut link. The only thing I have noticed is the users that its failing on has ZDM 6.5 agent. If I upgrade them to ZDM 7, its fixed!

Apparently there is alot of pc's which still have ZDM 6.5 but I'm only hearing a few complaints. I know a fix is to upgrade to ZDM 7 but we have a conflicting issue if they have the ZCM inventory agent, the upgrade will kill DLU policy.

Any ideas to discover why this is happening all of a sudden and possible fix?