I have a very odd problem that I'm trying to decide is the result of some bad karma which will leave me to suffer through the issue, or if perhaps I'm missing something obvious. :)

We have a laptop with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit installed on it, using the Vista NBM VPN 3.9.1 client that came with 3.9.2 to connect to an NBM 3.9.2 server. And it works like a charm when connecting via a hardwired Ethernet connection or when using a WIFI network. However, this laptop also has an embedded AT&T wireless card and the VPN does not seem willing to pass traffic over it at all; even when trying to address an internal website by IP, there is no traffic at ALL passed in the statistics for the VPN connection. The VPN connection will authenticate and negotiate a link as if it is successful, but it just stops right there. It even allows us to continue surfing to websites without trying to direct traffic through the VPN (the AT&T card works normally when not trying to use the VPN as well).

This is one of those problems where I can almost logically rule out any problems, except for the fact I have a problem. I know it's not the fact we're using Win7 because it works on WIFI and Ethernet. Same for the VPN client itself; it works fine on the other two connections, just not AT&T wireless. I can also rule out the AT&T connection because it passes all other data and allows the connection to negotiate.... so if it weren't for the stubborn fact that it still doesn't work I'd say I had reasoned the problem out of existence. :)

Any thoughts? The last wild goose I could think to chase would be to reformat and hope it was just a corruption in the connection somehow, but being that that's a wild goose and this is not only a VP's laptop by she also happens to be who I report to directly, well, I'd rather avoid reformatting it if I can. Thanks in advance for any help!