This summer I migrated my Netware 6.5 SP8 servers to SLES 10 SP3 OES2. I
was using Zenworks 7 on my netware servers. I have installed Zenworks 7 on
my migrated servers. My problem is the automatic worktation import/removal
is not working correctly. If I log in on a windows xp workstation and go to
the command prompt and type zwsreg -importserver and the ipaddress of the
importserver the workstation will import. They will not however just
automatically import like they did on my netware 6.5 boxes running zen 7. I
can ping/resolve zenwsimport from the workstation. I know it's reading the
server package as the wake on lan policy is working. Looking at the
/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks directory the awsi.log file starts with Finding
IP and then lists the servers ip address followed by WS Import - Linux
version. The awsr.log file has No removal policy found even though I do
have one configured that used to work. The log files on the workstations
say critical workstation not yet authenticated.