For some reason I'm getting excessive "504 Gateway Time-Out - Unable to
connect to origin Web server." error messages.

I'm running BM 3.8 SP3 on NW 6.5 SP3...with Craig's awesome "Tuneup.ncf"
and "Proxy.cfg" files in place. ;)

The performance has been very good...except for the 504 errors. And the
strange part is it only used to happen on a couple of sites. One being
"Google" and the other "HP". It seems to effect both the ".ca" and ".com"
sites. Lately it's been happening more often.

The scenario here is the BM firewall is connected to the Internet thru a
T3, which routes through a Corporate WAN and a Corp. firewall in another
city before reaching the Internet. The Corp. firewall doesn't block much
outgoing, except for some site URL filtering (ie. inappropriate sites) and
it doesn't allow Pings out. Latency on the WAN doesn't seem to be an
issue...and most sites don't have a problem. The odd time a site will have
broken graphics...but a refresh or two fixes that.

Are there any issues with BM 3.8 SP3 on NW 6.5 SP3 that others are aware of?

Now there is a Corporate Proxy server that I was thinking I could Peer the
BM box with to try resolve the timeout issue. I've never setup such a
configuration. Can someone give me a quick run down of how it's to be
setup and what are some things I should be aware of? Also, can the peering
be setup so that if the originating web server doesn't respond..it'll ask
the peering proxy server? Or vise-versa?

Thanks for your help!