I am new to Zen and coming into a position where ZCM is broken. There are too many issues to try and fix from the last person that had this job. Our management team has decided to blow away the existing primary and database server and recreate them using the same name and IP. We have a fairly large district with over 10000 workstations. However each site has its own satellite server and imaging server. My questions are:

Can I get away with 1 primary and 1 database server? I know that the Primary server can only manage 3000 devices but in this environment they should only be managing the x amount of satellite servers correct?

With the 1 database server will the supplied Sybase database be sufficient?

Also the previous guy had a mix of SLES and Windows servers. My management staff would like to know if it can be done in an all Windows environment?

Last question. All of the workstations already have the agent on them. Do I need to uninstall that agent and reregister that agent with the new primary and database servers? Or should they continue to work since we are giving the servers the same name and IP?

Thanks for any help you may give me.