We are running GW 8.0.2 on NW 65. SP7. Not sure what version of dbcopy we are using but I suspect it might be a bit old.

We are using dbcopy to backup a number of remote post offices to a central location. In general this is working out OK for us but some of the individual jobs take quite some time and are still running when staff are turning up to work in the morning. The dbcopy job data is consuming a fair bit of the bandwidth out of the office and so is impacting on staff ability to get their work done.

We use batch files to invoke dbcopy. Mainly so that we can create a simple log of the job and enter in start and stop time info in the logs.

I took a look at the dbcopy logs to see if I could get an idea of what is going on and noticed the following.

After issuing the dbcopy command I see that the offiles directories are backed up first. Then ofuser followed by ofmsg. The last files copied are those in the root of the PO (wphost.db etc.) I guess that this is the default sequence for dbcopy.

If it stopped there I would be happy but it doesn't. After the PO files are copied job then starts to copy offiles again. Now, I think I know why this is. Because of the size of some of the POs and the speed of some of the WAN links the actual job spans two days. By this I mean assume that the job sarts at 5PM (which is typical for us) it can take some seven or 8 hours for all the BLOB files to be copied to the destination. So if we start at 5 PM Thursday the BLOB files are not all copied until around 12:30 AM on the Friday. The rest of the files (msg, user etc) are copied and then it appears that dbcopy decides to copy the BLOB files again based on the fact that it is now a "new" day. I am only guessing that this is what is happening, but it seems to make sense.

The command that we are using is essentially dbcopy <source directory\*> <destination directory> We are not using any switches at all.

I guess my question is, short of starting the jobs way earlier so that they don't span two dates, is there a way of preventing the second copy of the offiles directories? Alternatively, could we issue more specific commands to backup different elements of the PO separately? For example, a command to copy the OFUSER directories, another command to copy OFMSG, then the PO files (wphost.db etc) and finally the OFFILES.

Any help would be appreciated