We run Nw6.0 SP4 with BM3.7 Sp3.
Workstations are W2K Sp4, NWC 4.9Sp2 with ClientTrust, using IE6 Sp1.

Everone is on the same subnet (around 260 machines).

We use the IEAK to produce an install.ins which incorporates a proxy.pac
file - both these and the associated files (*.cab) are located on the BM
server which is also running Apache.

Normally this all works sweet.

Now, we are getting several workstations each week that the web browsing
stops working. The eventually get a page not found.

Accessing internal web sites works fine.

The following has been tried.

0. Changed from script to hardcoded ip address and port of proxy - fails.

1. Install Firefox - it fails too (ruling out IE registry settings).

2. Create filter exceptions for workstation and turn off proxy settings -
this works....but obviously not a solution.

3. Installed Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, removed the spyware, most serious of
which was BackOrifice.B - still fails...

4. One of the other guys has had success (or so I am told) by changing
from from DHCP to *the same settings including connection specific domain*
fixed IP address. That didn't fix the one I looked at though.

Any thoughts ???