Hello, I am primarily a windows systems administrator but recently took a job at a company who run 2x Novell Netware servers. One hosts the companies data also. I have very little knowledge of novell. It has been running fine for months, when today nobody could login. Checking "server1" it was off.

I switched it back on and it was hanging at "loading bootstrap". I rebooted the server and the same happened. I created a DOS 6 disk and booted into DOS. I ran c:\nwserver\server.exe and Netware starts, however it never completes to a point whereby I can see the Novell button. Never get a ping response from it either.

Can anyone assist with this?

Server versions are both

Novell Netware 6
Support Part Revision 05
Server Version 5.60.05 May 27, 2004
Novell eDirectory Version Version SMP
NDS Version 10551.53 19 January 2005