I followed the directions of the "Moving the NSM eDir Engine to another server" doc and found a few issues with the procedure.
I removed the envent monitors no problem but the Agent spit out an Failure- Unknown error :4
I brought down the engine and mod the autoexec.
I ran the install on the new Engine server and this is where it gets interesting.
I get to the end of the file install on the server and I don't start the engine. I copy the files over but then I get a repair or uninstall the NSM because it was already installed on my machine! This is how I quit the agents and monitor. So I uninstall.
I run the install again and do the same install but this time I took the entire Factory directory from the old server and placed it with the new server. (I know! Not the way its documented) I restarted the engine and could log in no problem everything to be running well. All of the
I noticed that when I went to install the agents and monitors that they still pointed to the old server. I modified the SYS:Factory/nsmagent.cfg and the nsmevent.cfg files and pointed them to the new server. Restarted the monitor and agent and they seem work well.
I also modified the SYS:Factory/nsmengin.cfg on the new machine to point to the new server as well as the nsmagent.cfg. and restarted the engine and agent.
Now I know its not the documented way to do it but will I be OK with this transfer? Can anyone see any issues that may arise from this method. The license seems OK the proxy stays the same and seems to be working well. All the agents and monitors seem to be working OK. Can I leave it like this or do I have to go back and do it again?
Any thoughts?? Developers???