Can anyone else verify for me?

1) Migrate a bundle from ZFD (using network-based MSI UNC path--DO NOT upload to content repo)
2) Assign said bundle to user and set the dist and install immediately after dist. to enable
3) Login to device and the bundle should install (it did for me)


4) Login to ZCC, DELETE the bundle. I waited about 10-20 minutes before proceeding
5) Use a DIFF. workstation to migrate the same app again (this way the migration tool doesn't treat it as the same app)
6) Verify it's in the bundle in the ZCC
7) Repeat step #2
8) Reboot managed device, login. Bundle never installs. You can see it show up in the Bundles, but you have an "open" and "verify".

I BELIEVE Verify only shows up if it thinks the bundle's already been run.

This tells me that:

a) The ZAA is not reading the bundles from the ZCM server properly. I KNOW it's not reading from cache because I manually changed something in the bundle, and incremented the version and verified that the version # DID increment on the managed device.


b) the migration utility is messing up somewhere
c) The ZCM server has somehow given the new bundle the same GUID or whatever as the old one, even though they're "different" apps.

Perhaps there's some undocumented feature that you have to wait like X hours after you delete a bundle from ZCC before migrating it again? NO SAT servers involved or any other primaries. Single primary server.

I have an SR open but just wanted to see if anyone else saw this behavior.