My office has finally got the go ahead to setup ZCM10 SP3. We are going to scratch what we have from before and do everything over in the coming few months.
My task is to make a new imaging setup, base images and driverpacks for around 60 models.

The environment is currently XP SP2, but we're going XP SP3 and next year we're ready to start exploring Win7 since we've then implemented ZCM10 SP3.

To tell what we've currently got:
I've made 4 base images that work across all our models in a ZDM 6.5 and ZDM 7.x setup:
- Laptop with ACPI
- Laptop with ACPI_UP (on reboot it upgrades to MP if it fits)
- Desktop with ACPI
- Desktop with ACPI_UP (on reboot it upgrades to MP if it fits)

Mass Storage drivers are hacked into a offline registry with the necccesary files so I get smaller packages and fewer images, so I can just overwrite the system registry file itself when the mass storage driver is imaged to the workstation.

Driver packages themselves are a mix between 1 to 3 addon images, they are quite the hazzle to maintain and update, because sometimes that single driver a new model wants breaks 3 older models.

I've heard my co-worker talk about hardware profiling and letting ZCM10 handling the driver installation itself, but I havent found this functionality in ZCM10, however I've seen it in the 3rd party product by ENGL.

Any thoughts around ENGL as the tool/addon of my needs?
Does this tool have the abillity to check that the profile match, if it doesnt, reject the workstation thats being imaged?
Or any other tool that can do this?