windows 7 Professional
Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7 (IR3)
Windows domain
ZCM Adaptive Agent

Before ZCM Agent 10.3 was installed, PC was configured with Novell client to authenticate to eDirectory and the PC was also connecting to an AD with the same user credentials. Novell client logged in fine and the PC was connected to the domain user. Single process, no problem.

Installed ZCM agent - Novell client logs into eDirectory ok, but the AD user is now a local workstation user not the domain user! The only way to make it work is Login Novell client in workstation only mode but to the domain user. Complete login; then run Novell login connecting to eDirectory. Have checked the Windows information on the Windows tab is correct. Even setup a specific profile and made sure the Novell client was using that profile...

Any ideas as to why ZCM AA has broken the login process?? I want my users to be able to run their Novell client login, with the Windows credentials passed automatically without having to double up on login process.