We are running agent version 10.3.1 on all servers.
We have 6 primary Zen servers 4 at our main campus and 2 at another big campus.
We have 6 Satellite servers all at different remote sites. Each primary server is parent to a satellite.
The Satellites have been configured to replicate every bundle and policy.

When we give the satellites the role of content server for the first time they begin synchronizing data. However they all stop at different stages some are 6.5% completed others are 54.1%, 99.1% etc etc.
Each Satellite was configured 1 at a time with the idea of waiting for each one to finish syncing before configuring the next to lighten the load on our database.
But as I said they have all stopped syncing at different stages and none of them have reached 100%.
I've tried running the zar wake-cdp command. It states that it successfully started but doesn't start up the syncing process. I've restarted services and rebooted the servers but they never resume syncing.
In ZCC each satellites content has been set to recurring every 5 minutes.

I would appreciate any ideas.

Many thanks