This is my first OES2 SP2 server, after 24 hrs of being up we no longer see the storage. Can someone advise of looking in error logs. in var/log/messages nothing is seen.

I have an IBM server using local storage for the / file system, I've not configured EVMS during the build, as I understand the first time you create a volume for NSS it starts EVMS for you. The OES pattern is AFP, NSS, iManager, with dependencies.

So the server was built with OES2SP2, it's using QLOGIC cards to connect to a DS4100 storage array for the NSS volume. Using NSSMU to create a pool and volume object.
The volume is available everyone can see it, then after about 24 hrs the volume goes offline. I've confirmed the server can still see the storage.
df -h causes the server to show all the local storage but just wait as it tries to access the DS4100.
mppUtil the RDAC util shows both connection channels as up and talking to the DS4100 the lun is returned from the DS4100.

We are unable to patch the server as the storage requires the IBM RDAC driver and this is fixed to the kernel version.

If we wait 15 mins the storage comes back, else a complete restart resolves. I should note this is currently only accessed by MACs OSX 10.5.x

I have the option of raising an SR but wanted to see if anyone had found similar issues.

Any pointers would be a great help