Hi! We are using BM38 (on NW51). Since a few weeks, in the FastCache
Current Activity I can see the "Connections awaiting tear down" and
"Server connections" with a very high number!
Right now, theres between 1350 et 1400 server connections. But the
"Connection in use" is ~50 and "Client Connections" is ~30.

If i look in TCPCON - TCP Connections, I see a few workstations with a
lots of "timewait", more than 100 with the same IP! with different port
(all connected to the proxy, port 8080).

I've went to see a computer that was supposed to be connected with over
200 tcp connections, and there were just IE opened. I check with
NETSTAT and I could only see 1 connection with the proxy. I even
installed Taskinfo to see all the connections.

It seems that my Proxy is not closing the connections from *some*
computers because all others has only between 4 and 10 TCP connections.

If someone can help me!

thank you,