Hello everyone....I hope I'm posting in the correct forum. I have some questions lingering regarding name resolution for Novell environments when the WAN link goes down. I'm hoping some of you may have dealt with these.

So regarding SLP....I have read the design recommendations about not too many DA's, and that going across the WAN is fine. So that's what we have, two DA's in HQ for redundancy. So consider a remote office with a file server, local edir replica and iPrint. No local DNS server. What happens when the WAN link to HQ is disconnected for a significant period of time. If the server and workstation are on different subnets and multicast is disabled, will users be able to see the tree and log in? How long does a workstation cache the SLP information from a DA, and does it hold when the computer is rebooted?

Same kind of question exists for the iPrint if you use a DNS name for the manager. If your DNS servers are at HQ, and the WAN link goes down, you can't resolve the print manager. So what do you do to prevent this situation? Do you make sure the local servers and print manager are in the HOSTS file (managed with Zenworks perhaps), do you set up local dns (caching only?) or do you just use the IP address instead of the DNS name for the print manager? The last two companies I've worked with have chosen the last option for remote sites, straight IP, but it just seems wrong.

I guess the question about the local DNS is more of a general one also....if 99% of your servers/services and your internet all come from HQ, does it make sense to have a local DNS server? So please share your experiences in this reagard, I highly appreciate it. Thanks.