I am running OES 2 SP 3 on SLES 10, using dhcp on OES 2. I have a lab of pc's that take a very long time to get an address via the dhcp server if they ever get one at all. I took one of the pc's out of the lab and plugged it into a different switch and I get the same result the pix boot takes a very long time and sometimes it will get an address and sometimes not. I can take different pc and plug it into the same switch port and it gets the pix address almost immediately. So I thought it was just that pc, but it is not. All the pc's in that lab are doing the same thing. I can take a different pc and bring it into that lab and I can get the address immediately so it not the cabling or switch connecting the pc's in that room. I have rebooted the dhcp server several time but that does not make a difference. I am lost how could a whole room full of pc's be bad. Could the dhcp server somehow be restricting the mac address of these?