Some files cant be downloaded from through proxy

some files can't be downloaded from through proxy


We are having a problem downloading files from The files
being downloaded reside in /pub/inoculan/scaneng/ .

The files that can't be downloaded through are Siglist.txt and
Siglist2.txt. When we try to download these using a proxy solution (HTTP
proxy, ftp proxy, or FTP accelerator) the download fails and we get a
connection reset. We can download other files (binaries and version.txt)
from this directory without any problem.

When we try to download the files on the server console using NWFTP java
command line utilities we can download all of them (including Siglist.txt
and Siglist2.txt) without a problem.

It appears that there is a problem of the proxy in combination with
Siglist.txt and Siglist2.txt. Does anyone have a clue how to solve or
troubleshoot this problem ?

Kind regards,