Configuration: SLES 11 Sp1 fully patched and Mobility Pack build 104.
SLES was reverted from a snapshot in VMware so no old builds of Mobility
Pack have seen the daylight in this configuration.

After a fairly large mail cleanup of my GW mailbox, Mybility Pack
stopped to sync my mailbox. Other users were still fine though. Some
15000 mail were cleaned out from various folders (and I'm not done yet).
I really needed to do this since I tend to act lake a hamster and it was
ages ago last time I did a cleanup.

Anyhow, since I did the cleanup just before I called it a day yesterday,
I didn't notice that the sync had stopped until this morning. And to be
honest I'm not 100% sure it was the cleanup that caused it. The timing
is right though. So I started with a "Resync device" in
mobility/monitor. No go! After that I cleaned out the mailbox, calendar
and contacts in my mobile device (Nokia E75), removed the device in
mobility/monitor and made a new connection from the device. Still no go!
Last try was to do a "Re-initialize" user in mobility/monitor. That did
the job. The device started to sync again.

So my question now is, what really happened? I had a quick look at the
log files in /var/log/datasync/connectors but I really don't know what
to look for in this case. Maybe someone close to this project can point
me in the right direction.

We're about to launch Mobility Pack for the first two clients and it
would be nice to sort out what to look for and where to look when things
go wrong.

Thanks in advance,