I'm having a problem with Microsoft Exchange 2003 Outlook Webaccess
spelling checker when accessed via a Bordermanager proxy. When accessing
Exchange without Bordermanager it always works fine.

The error message states, "The spelling in this item can't be checked. Try
again later."

I have been through all the solutions Microsoft side to no avail and, as I
stated, it does work fine when accessed directly. In addition to this we
have set the Bordermanager cachable object control to make the site
non-cachable and to not split replies. An access rule has been added to
ensure that nothing to or from the server is being filtered.

We are now scratching our heads over what else can be the issue. The BM
server is a NW65 server with SP running BM 3.8. We haven't patched to SP3
yet as this proxy is still in test and will do that shortly. The browser is
IE6 SP2 with misc Microsoft Patches.



Martyn Smith
IT Network Coordinator
The College of West Anglia