Hi !
I want to set up BM 3.8 on a SBS 6.5 Starter Pack to upload updated files with Cut FTP, and I need your help ! I need to update some files on one external site through BM, with username and password.

I've tried Craig's Book configuration. My ISP told me that if I am behind the BM (firewall), the access IS Passive FTP.

At DOS prompt I can't run the command: FTP <Enter>

Anyway, in FILTCFG, I added FTP-PORT-ST, source interface: private, dest interface: public (it didn't work)

NWAdmin, BM Setup, I've configured on this maner:
Username/Password Separator: $
Anonimous FTP Email Address: do i have to set up internal IP address ?

Access rule: Any, Any, Aplication proxy, FTP.

Does anybody have any idea how to configure Cut FTP and BM ?

Thanks in advance !