I'm a tech for a local school district. Last week the system admin and I installed the trial for ZCM10 sp3 and I've been trying to tinker with the PXE and imaging options. We are wanting to upgrade to this, but really have to be able to sell all the features. We are coming from ZDM 7 but I'm novice at best when it comes to the zen stuff. The most I knew was writing and pulling images from the server via BootCD. We are installed on a Win2k3 server. I have all of the PXE options enabled correctly. Currently it's only working inside the one vlan, and when I try a PXE boot in that vlan, it picks up the imaging server, says "Contacting Zen Imaging Policy Server.....Done" then exits PXE. So, my questions, since I've been searching endlessly and not found what I'm looking for:

1. Enabling PXE to work over all VLANs? I found vague information about "option 60" I just want to be able to give the network admin more clearcut info.
2. Can PXE bring up the menu, much like the boodCDs do (IE: Auto imaging, manual, setup/update zen partition)
3. What am I doing wrong? lol

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm continuing to read through as much information as possible. I really want to sell this to the bosses and need this help desperately.