Netware 5.1 SP7
BorderManager 3.8 sp3
Windows Xp SP1
Clntrust version 1.4

Strange problem - about 1% of users have lost internet connectivity.

When a request for a page is made the Browser says 'Opening page...' and
never times out. If you double click on clntrust.exe from the system tray
there are no requests at all being logged, and there is no netware
connection to the bordermanager server.

However we do have a second Bordermanager proxy running on this site, and
when you reconfigure the broswer to use this as its proxy it works fine.

I've done a netstat -a and the machine is lstening on port 3024. I can
ping the proxy server no problems both by name and ip address.

If anyone could give me a clue that would be great